Our approach

Research-based consulting methodology

“What is the story behind the data?”

To help organizations identify their problems and seek for solutions, Inta uses rigorous research methods and involves clients in all steps along the way. The tools and techniques include:
  • Gathering information with the help of interviews, surveys or focus groups from employees at different levels, to assess their attitudes toward and perceptions of various change processes
  • Facilitating focus groups, task forces or special committees to solicit ideas for possible actions to address the identified problems
  • Developing customized valid measures to assess organizational aspects where no established measures exist
  • Conducting statistical or content analysis of the obtained data to discover typical trends and patterns in behaviours or events, and differences in opinions between various demographic groups (e.g., occupational groups, job types, age, tenure, gender)
  • Interpreting and reporting the findings in a concise and clear manner in a detailed report including tables and graphs where applicable


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