Employee engagement

“Engagement goes beyond satisfaction and commitment”

Many studies have established a direct link between the level of employee engagement and the organization’s bottom line. Although there are some commonalities across most organizations with respect to engagement drivers (e.g., awareness of organizational goals, trust in management, career growth opportunities), each organization is unique and may conceptualize employee engagement differently. To be more purposeful in engaging all employees, each organization needs to work on its own plan.

 Using appropriate research methods, Inta will identify the specific engagement problems your organization is experiencing, reveal engagement drivers unique to your organization, and will help you develop and implement an action plan leading to:

  • Increasing the quality of the working environment and employee satisfaction
  • Improving morale in the organization
  • Better communication and a higher degree of trust between management and employees
  • Stronger alignment between the corporate goals and employee behaviours
  • Stronger employee commitment to organization’s values and ethical principles
  • Higher degree of initiative, creativity and innovation among all employees
  • Increasing the quality of customer care
  • Increasing productivity
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